Dibaji Courtyard
Project Landscape Design
Architect Farnaz Bahraminejad
Project Management Kian Babaki
Area 460
Location Dibaji, Tehran - Iran
Date 2018
Client Moallem Co.

With regard to the towers deploying on the ground and the emergence of an empty H-shaped space among them, the concept of the formation of Persian gardens, especially the Pasargad Gardens, emerged as the central geometry of the central courtyard. Its organization and orientation is based on Iranian Chaharbaghs (Quad Gardens) and the main element of water. The green spaces are in form of stairs retrieved from Shiraz Bagh-e Takht and Hanging Gardens of Babylon and continue in height. The usage of native material is the method and the goal is to engage all five senses in the environment. Play with water height is the reason for the emergence of hierarchy of spaces since the entrance.