Gold Star Jewelry Office


Project Design & Renovation
Architects Farnaz Bahraminejad
Project Management Kian Babaki
Area 150
Location Tehran- Iran
Date 2017


This project is the renovation of a 15 years old office. Due the usage which is the import office of jewelry and gemstone, idea came from the natural shape of gemstones and the geometry of mines and grottos which is close to Voronoi Geometry. These result the concept which is using broken lines and geometry taken from gemstones in all fixed and movable furniture. The most important key point of the project is at the entrance which a uniform volumetric shape from wall to ceiling taken from gemstone and Voronoi welcomes customers. Another element is a zigzag line at edge of the ceiling, lighting and the reflection of it on ceramics, counter and mirror which divides sales and passing area.

Most colors used in the design are neutral like white and gray, but only two unique colors green as emerald and golden as gold.